Oxford Automotive LLC specializes in paint and body work. Our skills have broad applications. Our 30 plus years of experience have taught us that there are subtle nuances to working on different types of vehicles. The common practices may differ based upon the owner’s goals and preferences. We will explain your options and the drawbacks as well as the benefits but the decision is yours.

Street Cars

There are generally two types of Street Cars, the every day driver and the Sunday or special occasion car. These are generally modern cars built prior to 1989. Most single people only own one vehicle that serves on all occasions. The daily driver is relied upon for essential transportation. These cars only find their way to our shop after an accident or mishap. These cars still represent our image to our coworkers, so they must be repaired to an acceptable condition, but quickly. Most work on primary vehicles involves working with an insurance company; not always the most pleasant task.

Oxford Automotive, Inc. will deal with the insurance company for all contracted jobs. We will advocate for the proper repair of your vehicle, so that your hard earned premiums can be justified. While our estimates are always free of charge, working with insurance companies on our behalf is very time consuming and require a commitment on behalf of our customers.

Repairing your daily vehicle often involves the choice of Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) parts or after market parts. OEM parts tend to have a better fix and superior quality, but generally far more expensive. After market parts can, in some instance, be an economical alternative and help cover the expense of your deductible or help you keep to you budget if the damage is not insured.

Oxford Automotive LLC will get your daily driver back on the road as quickly as possible while maintaining our standards of quality. We will assist you in obtaining a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired. Many times our customer’s can not even tell where their car was damaged.

Many families with two working spouses own a Sunday or “good car”. These cars tend to be more valuable than the daily driver and most focus on a quality repair more than the lowest cost repair. In addition to collision repair, these Sunday drives tend to come in for detailing, cosmetic repairs and after market “gadget” installation, such as remote start, or VIN etching for safety prevention. We will take good care of your street car.


Collector Cars

Collector cars have certain nuances and complexities which make them difficult and uneconomical for the typical body shop to undertake. In addition to the occasional accident, older cars are candidates for corrosion repair. Finding parts for the vehicles is often a challenge. Repair panels may not be available and the panels require fabrication. Oxford Automotive LLC . specializes in good drivable restorations; cars that are used and enjoyed. The emphasis of a drivable restoration is durability with less focus upon details that are not readily visible. We can coordinate mechanical repairs with the appropriate facilities. Unlike body repair which is not very vehicle specific, mechanical repair often requires skills and knowledge that are specific to a particular mark. Finding the appropriate mechanical skills is paramount to your driving satisfaction. We can coordinate the mechanical repairs with the body restoration to maximizing your expenditures.

Racing Cars


The purpose of a race car is to go from point A to point B as fast as possible but looking good does not hurt. Many racers choose to focus their monetary attentions on the engine and drive train. Many of our sporting customers are looking for economical paint and body work because unlike classic car owners, race car owners tend to have several paint jobs over the course of ownership. Oxford Automotive, LLC. understands the balance needed for active race drivers. We have an eye for paint matches and color blends making holding off total strip and refinish until the end of the end of the season. Custom paints and decals are not a problem for us.


Rods and Custom Vehicles

Rods and Custom vehicles present welcomed challenge. Body panels and contours are not generally standard. Most times standard panels from the basis of the custom panels, but the shapes are often symmetrically modified to create the desired effect. These projects are closer to works of art than automobiles. Many owners of rods and custom vehicles perform most of the work entirely on their own. Oxford Automotive LLC can paint your finished project or to help you reach you design or vision. The unique goals of custom work lend themselves to a time and material operation, which we are happy to accommodate.


Motorcycle Refinish

Antique and modern bikes are similar to their four wheeled counterparts. Many of the older bikes use the same materials and processes as the older cars where as the new bikes use special materials. Whether you would like to change the color of your bike, or would simply like to remove a few dings or scratches, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


RV’s, ATV’s, Tractors, Parts and Equipment

No job is to small or “silly” for us. We have painted everything from large Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) to tackle boxes. We have re-painted old switch plates for a customer who just could not find the right color and have changes the color of a set a toolboxes to match the customer’s car trailer. What ever your project, please feel free to give Oxford Automotive LLC a call for an estimate.