Oxford Automotive, LLC.

Doing our Part to Preserve Our Environment

Oxford Automotive - Green

Historically, repairing automobiles has been one of the most environmentally unfriendly retail operations. In addition to the typical wastes generated by a body shop which includes leftover paint thinner, cleaning solvents and paint, body shop equipment can consume a great deal of energy. Many cases have found body shop operations to be the source of contaminated soil and ground water. Many shops disregard federal, state and local environmental standards and seek to get away with as much as possible. This attitude just increases the problem and passes it on to future generations. At Oxford Automotive LLC we believe that NOW is the time to act and shops that are not part of the solution, are part of the problem. There are five ways to operate an environmentally friendly repair facility:

Proper handling of hazardous materials,

substitution of environmentally unfriendly materials for more eco friendly supplies,

waste reduction,



energy conservation.



       Proper Handling of Hazardous Materials

At Oxford Automotive we take great care when working with hazardous materials.  Your safely and the safety of you family is the primary reason why we do not invite you into the “working” area and we ask that children remain in the waiting area at all times and are not permitted in the work area.  We also take steps to segregate or waste streams – separating excess paint from leftover paint thinner for example, to prevent cross contamination and more effective recycling.


         Oxford Automotive LLC. contracts with a company who is licensed by the Connecticut Department of  Environmental Protection to properly document and dispose of all hazardous waste generated by our facility in accordance with all environmental laws.  We also make our shop and procedures available for periodic inspection.   



Substitution of Environmentally Unfriendly Materials for more Eco Friendly Supplies

     We are proud to offer environmentally friendly water based paints.  We made a considerable investment in training and equipment so we can reduce the amount of toxic paint and paint materials that are traditionally used.  This paints and materials offer a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lacquer and enamel.   While not the use of water based paints is not appropriate for all vehicles, we make a large effort to purchase products made from recycled materials, such as towels  and use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals whenever possible.


Waste Reduction

     Using materials efficiently not only saves our customers money, but helps the environment as well.   At Oxford Automotive we mix our own paint, allowing us to mix only the amount needed for your job.  This has a cascading effect by also decreasing the amount of related materials. 

     Spray Gun

    Our spray guns we selected with both performance and efficiency in mind.  Efficient spray equipment reduces the amount of paint over spray which is a source of waste.  By decreasing the size of our spray-gun paint cups reduce waste by limiting the amount of leftover paint and decreasing solvent needed for equipment cleaning.


      We reuse our solvent whenever possible.  Used solvent is used to rinse spray equipment allowing us to reduce the amount of fresh solvent needed.  If certain parts require fresh solvents, we reuse the solvent on other parts that do not have the same requirement. 


     Oxford Automotive LLC. we practice oil reclamation.  Changing the oil in your vehicle periodically is essential for your vehicle’s longevity but placing all that used oil back in the eco-system can cause serious damage.  We recycle your old oil for use in less sensitive machines and applications filtered and re-used again until it is virtually consumed.

Oxford Automotive LLC. offers free local pick-up of “junk vehicles’.  Old and neglected vehicles offer homes to a maraud of woodland creatures but are often unsightly and pose a safety hazard for children.  We offer free local pickup of old vehicles.  We prepare the vehicles for disposal and bring the vehicles to a scrap yard we receive a stipend which covers a  portion of our towing costs.

Energy Conservation


        In early 2008 our facilities were upgraded to our twenty year old  building to modern standards.  This made the building more energy efficient and reduced electrical consumption.  We constantly monitor our meters, and curtail non-production hour activities.  The lights are not always on at Oxford Automotive – but our cell phone never sleeps.